Computer Imaging


Computer Imaging Ensures Speed and Accuracy in Your Deployment Process

Computer imaging is the fastest and most reliable way to ensure all your computer labs function properly.  A proper PC deployment process ensures that each new computer is fully compatible with all other machines in the network in terms of settings and structure. Computer ImagingThis decreases the likelihood of errors during installation and also lowers maintenance costs over time.

At TagleRock Technologies, we use imaging technology in our PC deployment process. With imaging, we have a ready made blueprint that we can quickly apply to bare bones machines in just a few steps as opposed to manually installing operating systems and applications to each machine.  It is a process that works best in projects where multiple machines are deployed at once, such as when creating a computer lab.  Our technicians have mastered this process. TagleRock’s Imaging Deployment Process:

  • Create computer image: We use third-party software to create a disk image that will serve as the basis for all of your network computers. The image file contains the operating system and any additional applications necessary for the computer’s function.
  • Create bootable media: Usually in the form of a CD, the bootable media serves as a portable OS.
  • First Boot up: We start the computer and run the portable OS from the boot CD long enough to establish a connection to the main deployment server.
  • Deployment: Install the disc image and any necessary data from the main deployment server

Let TagleRock take the stress out of expanding your network with computer imaging. Call 956-682-9889 to schedule a consultation or use the contact form. If you are a K-12 school in the Rio Grande Valley, we can work with you onsite.

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