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Website Filtering Website Filtering, Web Filter and Website monitoring is quickly becoming high priority to small business owners. Your employees might need to regularly browse the internet for information relevant to their jobs, but there is always the chance that their searches may wander toward non-work related activities. Worse yet, they may accidentally download something harmful to your network. Prevent both of these negative outcomes by letting TagleRock Technologies implement a website filter to monitor and track your employees on the web. The Barracuda Website Filter provides website filtering and empowers you with all the necessary tools to gain control of your network. Stop Website Abuse by denying access to certain websites and allowing only websites that your employees should access during work hours.

Barracuda is an integrated website filtering solution that allows administrators to easily control web browsing permissions across multiple computers from a central dashboard.Some features of the Barracuda Website Filter system:

  • Filters permissible websites by content category, domain or URL pattern
  • Restricts the types of files employees can download to reduce the likelihood of downloading spyware and/or viruses
  • Prevents the use of applications that access the internet
  • Compatible with most “safe search” filters found on common search engines
  • Uses Web Security Agents to filter web browsing on off-network computers

Barracuda Website Filtering service is particularly useful because it allows administrators to group users and then create filter for each group.

Here are some examples:

  • Allowing only human resource employees to browse job board websites
  • Creating different browsing rules for teachers and students within a school network
  • Granting unrestricted web access to compliance officers for investigative purposes
  • Allowing non-work related web browsing during non-work hours

Website filtering allows system administrators to block access to web sites and other protocols based on categories. These contain lists of sites that may be blocked at will, either at specified times or permanently. The Barracuda Website filtering service offers clients an optional continue button which permits users to access an otherwise blocked category if it is work related.

The ability for public libraries, governments or other employers to block content based on ideology has proved controversial due to the subjects being blocked being controlled by an individual organization or even a single individual.

Policies can be produced that control either previously identified information that contains ‘tags’ such as account numbers, credit card records or any combination of many variables. A score is assigned based on a pre defined set of rules and an action applied. The process can be entirely automated but relies upon either pre set policy templates or bespoke rule sets that are developed in house.

In companies, it can prevent the access to sites known to be infected with spyware and other malicious content, it can prevent malicious programs from connecting to outside sites, and it can limit the amount of bandwidth used by individual computers in a network.The mere knowledge that web access is controlled can cause employees to stop using Internet during work hours for personal purposes, out of fear (that they may be caught misusing Internet).

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